Institute for Social Aesthetics
and Mental Health
Vienna & Berlin

The 25th Annual Conference of the

International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry

Crisis and Mental Health

philosophical and social aesthetic perspectives

23.05.2024 – 25.05.2024

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Preliminary Program

President’s lecture

Michael Musalek: "Crisis, mental health and Social Aesthetics"

Key lectures

Alfred Pritz: "War and Psychoanalysis"

Levent Kuey: "What Keeps Humankind Alive in Crises?"

John Sadler: "Rethinking Vice-Laden Psychopathology and Our Cultures of Vengeance"

Bill Fulford: "Values, Shared Decision-Making, and Person-Centred Medicine: Crisis or Opportunity for Clinical Care?"

Werdie van Staden: "A Crisis in the Quest for Psychiatric Biomarkers"

Anna Bergqvist: "The Participatory Turn in Museum Curation as a Model for Person-CentredClinical Care"

Guenda Bernegger: "Sense of Possibility and Imagination to Counter Crises: A Philosophical and Social Aesthetic Perspective"

Thomas Fuchs: "Crises of Trust in Psychiatry and Society"

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Scientific Committee


Michael Musalek (Austria)


Gerhard Benetka (Austria)
Bill Fulford (United Kingdom)
Giovanni Stanghellini (Italy)
John Sadler (USA)
Werdie Van Staden (South Africa)
Michael Wong (China)
Thomas Fuchs (Germany)
Oliver Scheibenbogen (Austria)
Guenda Bernegger (Switzerland)
Guilherme Messas (Brazil)
Arnaud Plagnol (France)
Anna Bergqvist (United Kingdom)

Congress Host

Prof. DDr. Alfred Pritz

Chairman & Congress President

Prof. Michael Musalek, MD (Austria)


Sigmund Freud Private University

Faculty of Medicine

Freudplatz 3, 1020 Vienna